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Cordell Klier - Sentence Diagrams CD-R

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Cordell Klier is the man of the hour for the recent american glitch scene in many ways. Maintaining his own CD/CD-R label doctsect, that carries an immense amount of Kliers releases, he received very enthusiastic reviews for his Ad Noiseam release "Apparitions". Not forgetting wheree he's coming from, he now supports a bunch of smaller labels like Fukk God or the here presented Acidfake. What is the most surprising thing in this strategy is the unsurpassable quality of sound Cordell Klier puts out. Delivering a trademark tapestry of metallic clicks and glitchy pads, "Sentence Diagrams" will become one more gem in each collection of microsound.
By the way, next one has just come out on Mystery Sea. Definitely a Klier killer again, as this label puts out constant quality too.

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