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Asher - Graceful Degradation: Variation CD

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cd limited to 500 copies
featuring: heribert friedl, john hudak, jason kahn, kenneth kirschner, steve roden, steinbrüchel and ubeboet.

the source recording for the compositions featured on this album still exist on a single 90 minute cassette, made by the intermagnetics corporation from santa monica, california. there are still some bits of led zeppelin here and there which remain among my recordings, but mostly the tape is full of recording i made. i remember working with this tape for several months over the summer and into fall of 2005, in my apartment in brooklyn; i would spend hours going through the material and trying to find different combinations of the recordings of the sounds which are stored on it. after a certain period of time working with the material i put together some pieces for an album release and thought i was done. but in the end i went back and continued working, it is the material from this second period of work which has been used by the artists featured on this release.

the concept of graceful degradation in relation to memory as well as system failure, seemed quite fitting to the work i was doing, as well as to the work of other sound recording artists. there is a relationship that develops between our own memories and recordings made and archived using various data storage and retrieval technologies which i am very interested in; i initiated this project with this interest in mind.

as a continuation of the graceful degradation of my original recordings i asked seven artists to use the material in their own ways to create a new piece. each artist put the material into their systems of working with sound and came up with the results featured on this album. i am very honored to have their contributions and pleased to present them on this first release on sourdine.
available for download for a limited time, these are the five compositions which were used as source materials for the compositions featured on graceful degradation: variations.

untitled #287
untitled #291
untitled #296
untitled #303
untitled #305

composed and produced by asher thal-nir in Brooklyn, NY, late summer 2005.


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