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Rotten Piece - N9-N1 CD-R

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"Rotten Piece are a duo of malcontents who have been systematically doing everything wrong since 1990.  If you are not careful they will move in next door to you, and your lawn will die.  They have delighted and confused audiences across the US and Europe.  No two shows are alike, although they generally contain one or more of the following elements; chance, drone, humor, video, deconstructed rock, sound collage, psychedelia, electronics, homemade instruments, satire and dissonance."

(from their homepage)

The odd couple Shaun and Carol Kelly seems really difficult to forecast: Having released stuff between garage punk, beefheartesque jazz rock and space jamming orgies, they also put their hands deeply into noise if they feel like: 9 tracks of power electronics with little rhythm, yet full of energy from outsiders of the scene.


CD-R is limited to 100 pieces.


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