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Various Artists - Not Able To Organize 2x10"vinyl

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A limited edition of 399 handnumbered copies of this fine compilation was brought out in 2002, containing most of the Multi National Disaster Recordings regulars at that time.

Great "classy" industrial in 10 takes!

Side Not
A1    Diktat    Filth Liars Filth Pigs (4:46)
A2    Axon Neuron / Vagwa    Untitled (6:02)
A3    Asche    Die Hinrichtungsmaschine (4:18)
Side Able
B1    Irikarah    Todesmelodie (9:35)
B2    DL*    XI A (5:03)
Side To
C1    Ars Moriendi    Es Schreit (5:46)
C2    SRP (2)    Kollateralschaden (5:44)
Side Organize
D1    Rectal Surgery    2a (5:47)
D2    Wutanes Heer    Wie Geht Der Starke In Den Tod (4:45)
D3    Tole Ache    The New Right For Extra- T... (5:23)


Attention! Cover is damaged by water! Flood sale!

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