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Contagious Orgasm - Daft Jarring Effects 12"vinyl

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Hiroshi Hashimoto started releasing music twenty years ago as Contagious Orgasm. Right from the beginning listeners knew that there was something very unique and special about his sound - differing from the typical japanese 'industrial scene'. The initial aural transformation of track and release titles were soon replaced by something quite different. Themes became more abstract and surrealistic; influences came from various collaborations and often seriousness was undercut with a wink.

The "Daft Jarring Effects" LP is a live cut of the project, with Hiroshi Hashimoto performing together with Shingo Sugiura and Kenji Kobayashi in nogoya 2002. It is said to be one of the best Contagious Orgasm releases ever put out on vinyl, and besides from that, this is a beautiful packaging with four postcards - two glued onto the sleeve, two inside -  and an info sheet accompanying the otherwise black LP sleeve.



Attention! Cover is damaged by water! Flood sale!

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