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Furniture - Twilight Chases The Sun CD

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Furniture is a shoegazer band from Malaysia, and yes, such a thing exists. Presented to us by Goh Lee Kwang, we became immediate fans of the band and their material from 2005, packed in a wonderfully crafted digipak.

On their debut release, "twilight Chases the Sun", in every turn, furniture attempts to strike that elusive balance between bold invention and comforting familiarity. Described variously as post-rock and avant-pop, the band never strays far from being artful, honest, sweeping and emotional. Having played major regional music festivals such as baybeats 2004, 2005, and 2006, rock the world 6, plus singapore and thailand tours, furniture is currently writing new material and previewing them at their upcoming shows.

current line up includes: ron, adrian, wan rathnor, alia, alang
past members include: boon, kacy, jeremy
session players include: azmyl, aziz, lee kwang, keng, adlin

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