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Tom Patterson - New Left CD-R

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If ever one asks me if it is worth making a label, I will have to carry this disc with me to have proof it is. Nurtured by many travels down to the South East of Asia, I had a severe crush on the scales and melodies of traditional gamelan for several years, and finding International Novelty Gamelan from the center of the USA was certainly a rush of blood to the head what else could be possible within this instrumental setting. I was a bit sad when a signing failed in 2007 due to Retinascan's impossibility to turn into proper CD production and also for the bad dollar exchange rate that days.

You may imagine how extremely happy I became when some months later Tom Patterson sent me an incredible collection of solo tracks that he recorded in the Schubert Club in Minneapolis, using the gamelan set there. It's music of such a pulsating vitality and musicality, that it had an easy job convincing me to do a release from it. And that was only a "rough draft" at that time. Spending four more months of building a track list, working on some fine tuning and the mastering and finally carefully developing the artwork here it is now: the disc I always wanted to release. If you don't want it, it's your own fault. But believe me it's damn essential!



  1. Aquarium
  2. 1989 -mp3-
  3. Wasted Summer
  4. Paul Klee takes a nap
  5. Ambulance
  6. Imbal
  7. The Third Lung
  8. Unfinished Business
  9. New Left
  10. TRASH-80
  11. Pedro -mp3-
  12. Chris Is Alarmed
  13. Ambient III
  14. Le Roi de Quebec
  15. December -mp3-

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