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Bill Jarboe - Walk To The Sea CD-R + DVD-R

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Does anyone still remember Bill Jarboe?

He was quite a busy member of the microsound collective, well, at least as long as the microsound collective was a vivid scene, and contributed to the "Directions In American Noise" collection in 2003. Now, after 7 years, he's back, and his sound underwent a close refinement, on the one hand adding a livelier attitude, on the other hand a lot of microscopic playfulness, what may at first hand be a slight contradiction, but Bill Jarboe somehow manages to let it all fall into its right place. If you ask yourself, what still can go in 2009, this may be part of the answer, at least more than part of the structural problem the music scene has today. It's all about life and art, stupid!!

Considering art as one of the topics that plays a role in here, you may also find pleasure in the videos Bill added to the package here. "Hey everybody: Walk to the sea!"



  1. Hey Everybody
  2. heyeverybody46im#1012D9aif...
  3. auto-try -mp3-
  4. Untitled Whizz Bangsound 2
  5. group-mp3-
  6. YAY! YAY! YAY! moist (a mini opera)-mp3-
  7. Less Noisey
  8. Rather English Theme
  9. butte-mp3-
  10. What Are You Going To Du
  11. 3 midi 79 amp


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