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Chefkirk - Toxic Milk CD-R

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Chefkirks third release on Retinascan after the "Tranquil Death Phenomenon" 3inch and the collaboration "The Plain People" with Carl Kruger is in fact the first solo full length for our outlet, and it is no random affair that it needed so long to find its place in the catalogue. Generally it seems that Roger H. Smith turned down his incredible output,which may on one hand have to do with his work in several projects like "Insects With tits", but at least Discogs shows no release so far for 2009... well, here it is: Toxic Milk is so far the most elaborated work of Chefkirk within his new no input mixer coordinates, and it's of course not at all minimal. From harsh to alienated, the sound design delivers a wide variety of strangeness, all very tightly organised by the genius of the master of liberated noise. It remains a fact that Chefkirk keeps his best stuff for Retinascan. Time to say thank you!

Last words should be kept to Thoreau "Walden" in this place, who said: "The gross feeder is a man in larva state; and there are whole nations in that condition, nations without fancy or imagination, whose vast abdomens betray them".

Toxic milk




  1. It is
  2. the
  3. luxurious and
  4. dissipated -mp3-
  5. who
  6. set -mp3-
  7. the
  8. fashions
  9. which
  10. the -mp3-
  11. herd
  12. so
  13. diligently -mp3-
  14. follow

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