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Anders Dahl - RGBTapes CD-R

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Anders Dahl makes his rentrée on Con_v – now returning as an acclaimed star of the ‘Pat & Mat’ cum (fake)fieldrecordings genre. This time supposedly working with RGB-tapes; although something should forewarn us that there might be a Fluxus-type of ana(ch)r(on)(ch)ism involved here. (What is an RGB-tape?) So are we to imagine here some Tinguely-type counterpart of the laptop, data-fed with pianola-books consisting of the ‘RGB-Tapes’ of the title? Or some eccentric contraption mimicking digital sonifications of RGB color-codes (but then why do the sounds have such an old, ‘black-and-white’ movieprojector feel to them)? It all seems plausible – but then on the other hand,
I believed at first that his ‘Habitat’ recordings were actually culled from real life too…

liner notes by Mark Pauwen

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