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Guignol Dangereux - Robbery Pop CD-R

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Not many artists celebrate their "Growing Up In Public" as much as Guignol Dangereux did. While surfacing the net for the first time in 2001 or so with a quite uninspired piece of harsh noise, he developed his sound in partially completely disparate directions, but finally ended up with a very own view on pop as well as on noise, repacifying both in a way that has almost been forgotten since the glorious Throbbing Gristle Jazz Funk Greats. Spreading over various labels like Tibprod and Simple Logic, his output may well be underestimated, but has been a surpisingly constant quality today, as also shown by this album, that has been put out by Sick Art Productions in 2006 already. Overseen masterpiece, delivered in a fine 7 inch sleeve with extraordinary packaging!

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