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Various Artists - Poetry and Chaos CD-R

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kazuya ishigami - mei quan xi to she
paul yates - chapter1
urkuma - lengua
every kid on speed - deutscher cut-up mix
guignol dangereux - dr. kangaroo plays babel
kim cascone - zahlen cluster
massaccesi - the genesis of the fuckup
pyo. - trachéotomie
maru - wer zuerst davon gesprochen hat
thanos chrysakis - radiant repose [duino revisited]
erdem helvacioglu - vocal metamorphosis
granuloid666 - língua bárbara
goose - the cave of literature
sascha neudeck - flattergedicht
carl kruger - voice box
lepenik - 2 voices / small room
luca pagani - end of our travel
reMI - kaijafiju
andrew duke - howard roark laughed


“[...] punctuation as we know it commonly, is on the side of what we could call “law and order”
and not on the side of what we could call “poetry and chaos”.
And what I think we need [...] in our lives, is to return, in so far as we have the courage
to return to poetry and chaos, rather than to stay always on the safe side with the policeman.”
(John Cage)

This compilation is the result of an attempt to live and work in an anarchistically organized network.
Composers from all around the world provided reading samples (from their favorite books).
These samples were used in many different ways to compose music, to produce “messages”, to communicate.

There were guidelines but no rules. People were allowed and encouraged to be their own centers.

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