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Elias Falken - Explorador Terrestre CD-R

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Elias Falken is back with his 4th album on Retinascan. Alejandro Remeseiro has been moving a way that seems quite similar to the one of Guillermo Scott Herren aka Prefuse 73, judged less by their sound but by their skills to blend experimental noises with pop-like structures and developing a unique sonic design.

Especially on "Explorador Terrestre", Remeseiro has become wonderfully digestible without ever losing his class of standard. Collecting material (definable and more often undefinable) from all over the world, it's time to get out the alien visitor metaphor once again.




  1. la cosa que habita en mi nave (3:28)  
  2. transmission received (1:35)
  3. entering earth (3:40)
  4. Sarko-consomé (3:27)
  5. solideo (visit Rome) (2:51)
  6. a young contemporary composer from Tel-Aviv (2:13)
  7. musa (2:04)
  8. my heart belongs to acid (1:52)
  9. chica lista (2:39)
  10. trabaja lo justo (2:38)
  11. dictadura popular (3:17)
  12. porque me cansa esperarte (2:46)
  13. cansino vieja gloria (3:04)
  14. airports airlines (3:04)
  15. el arte del amor (2:22)
  16. sácatela (3:48)
  17. hijas de notario (3:16)
  18. Yoshi arrives late (2:26)
  19. transmitiendo datos a casa (2:24)

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