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Billy Gomberg - Days CD-R

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Days collects five studio pieces drawn from acoustic recordings of piano and voice, treated, amplified, and arranged. The arrangements are simple: long passages of sound material lay next to each other, their closeness and distance outlining a structure.

The impressions of sound, and upon sound, color through the window influencing the acoustics. Transparency and a sense of architecture. Materials, once unique, begin to reflect each other, and that can be enough.

Anne recorded herself singing a old folk song in both Swedish and English. She took the recordings and mixed them together in software. She liked the result and suggested that I work with these recordings. The piano recordings are of my own improvisations. On “exposures,” I've done some singing as well.




CDR Edition of 100 + MP3

i think of these words
what you hear at 5 am after you stayed up all night deep in some project and yr not
really sure yr awake
but yr just reentering reality
and sort of surprised it has been there all night

“no one writes or paints alone. but we have to make the pretense of so doing.”
bourriaud -81

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