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Various Artists - The Chillzone Trip DVD-R

Product number.: CZRDVD001

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A Double Sided Mini DVDr is a quite tricky format to handle. You never know which side plays what and you should be careful with all "suck-in" drives as you will never get the discs back EVER. Anyway, if you managed to get this up and running you will be served with a nice hommage to 90s chillout ambient stuff, garnished with some videos of german late evening or early morning landscapes, just like you always wanted the end of the Space Night program to be. Fitting to this, Pharmacom Records launched its Chillzone sublabel with tthis tiny thingy.

A-Side: Videos

01. Sascha Müller - Telecontrol

02. C4 - Mawn

03. Hiroshi Yamaoka - Electrified Souls

04. Hiroshi Yamaoka - Beyond The Coast


B-Side: mp3

01. CZR001 Sascha Müller - Sahara Nights / Traumschwingungen

02. CZR002 Inzah - I Know / My Lil' Lake

03. CZR003 Kondencuotas Pienas - 13 Beautiful Moments With You / Laura Is A Lounge Lover

04. CZR004 ORG - For The Snow / Nude Art

05. CZR005 LazioKasaa & Alec Cresp - In Different Moments

06. CZR006 Moon 44 - Reason To Forget / Only For You

07. CZR007 Sascha Müller - Telecontrol / Network Exit

08. CZR008 C4 - Mawn / Moon Drift

09. CZR009 Hiroshi Yamaoka - Electrified Souls / Quiet Dance

10. CZR010 Hiroshi Yamaoka - Beyond The Coast / Moments With You

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