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Thee (Mighty) King Kerosene - When We Were Lost CD-R

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Definitely something I personally waited for all the year 2009, this has become something completely different than what I heard on the first demo, tracks and mixes were exchanged over and over, artworks were made and overthrown, titles changed, equipment acquired, Markus from Unstern Bedroht was "hired" as live drummer and and and. Two and a half years in the making - which really means Mike was working on it - now come out to be one of the most mature shoegazer albums I ever heard, at the dawn of the genre itself, I guess. Never has the Kramer aluneck been involved in a semielectronic environment so smooth and organic, never have the melodies been so soothing and at the same time elegantly unexcited. And never before has the artwork been so beautifully improvised and been carried by the love for the small details. The fourth King Kerosene album is made for grown-ups. Kids, please leave the area. My fave 2009!

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