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Adamisgod - 236 fingers per minute CD-R

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"Tricky to describe industrial noise/music almost seems to be parodying convention. Surely it is. Following an odd and dark intro by a computer voice, instrumental industrial with a slight organic feel (like maybe the notes are generated by synthetic flute) before suddenly givin way to very fast insane static-heavy bursts that sound like grindcore coming through barely on a crummy radio. Then there's a quick sampling of a jingle???? And vocal samples? And minimalist beats sorta like experimental goa trance (until that muffled old timey melody apears). Then there's some metal music-like groove crunching, then melody, this is like gabber that's way slowed down and tripping ... sort of. Well, as you can see (bear in mind this description hasn't yet ventured past track four, I could go on ...), there are a number of very interesting elements afoot here, mingling, changing, shifting, evolving and going back again. Truly a unique industrial noise artist."
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