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Thee Mighty King Kerosene - The Family Album CD-R

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  1. parade
  2. emma -mp3-
  3. your favourite everything pt.2 -mp3-
  4. the beauty of snow
  5. skyscraper blues
  6. the blizzard song -mp3-
  7. dramatic cloud formations
  8. the sleep well darling song


thee mighty king kerosene, guitar player of unstern bedroht, has finished his third solo album, which has in fact drifted far from being a solo recording, so that "family album" has become a more than logical title. Coming a long way from the first MC-303+guitar formula, natural drumming and once again the fragile soothing voice of the gasoline queen have become involved, the live experience from unstern and the great mastering of Stefan "Sankt" Otten have moreover made this work from 2004 the most mature of all three. Simply brilliant!

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