Genres / Electronic / noise / power electronics

Busukyangbernanah - Halusinasi Gender 2 CD-R

8,00 EUR

(11,89 Dollar)
You don't believe in internationalism? Busukyangbernahnah is an Indonesian noise band, out on German Cold Coffein Addict Records, this was for me a nice surprise at the end of 2009 and something to have an eye on in 2010. leaflet Place in shopping cart
Various Artists - Not Able To Organize 2x10"vinyl

6,00 EUR

(8,92 Dollar)
(old price: 12,00 EUR)
A limited edition of 399 handnumbered copies of this fine compilation was brought out in 2002, containing most of the Multi National Disaster Recordings ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Azoikum/Government Alpha - Das Methadonprogramm CD

9,00 EUR

(13,38 Dollar)
A brutal split release between German Power Electronics act Azoikum and Japanese Harsh Industrial monsters Government Alpha. The CD features 5 tracks from ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Dissecting Table/Errare Humanum Est - Howling Silence CD

12,00 EUR

(17,84 Dollar)
Harsh Noise from Japan and Germany, five tracks, 73 minutes, bleeding ears warranted. While Dissecting Table keeps things more white noise and lengthy ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Izanami's Labour Pains - Womb Of Izanami CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
Despite of the japanese smell of the project and disc title and despite of the fact that Sick Arts has a good wire to the japanese noise scene, ILP is ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Rotten Piece - N9-N1 CD-R

8,00 EUR

(11,89 Dollar)
"Rotten Piece are a duo of malcontents who have been systematically doing everything wrong since 1990.  If you are not careful they will move ... leaflet Place in shopping cart

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