Genres / Jazz / abstract

Slon - Jelenka EP CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
In Autumn 2007, released an Austrian Autumn Special. Part 1 is from Slon. Slon (Russian for elephant) are a new act to the scene. The band ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Sirsit - Colorblind Cycle II CD-R

9,00 EUR

(13,38 Dollar)
SIRSIT\'s sound is drenched in a deep kosmische vibe and frizzled in solar radiation. But far from transporting one to a gravity (gravitas) free zone where ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
International Novelty Gamelan - Menagerie CD

8,00 EUR

(11,89 Dollar)
In a better reality, this band would have been released by Retinascan, but the bad dollar crossed out all collaborational plans between the Minnesota based ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Parasyte Woman - S/T 10"Vinyl

11,00 EUR

(16,35 Dollar)
After a bunch of 7inches, YRUSMTSIM switch towards the next bigger format for the next big thing from munich.  Parasyte Woman is not comparable to ... leaflet

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