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Goh Lee Kwang - Punk Guitar CD

10,00 EUR

(14,86 Dollar)
PUNK GUITAR was first released in 2002 as cdr with the edition of 50++copies, sold out in late 2003. Since then 30++copies were produced by required. In 2004 Goh released a remastered edition of 1000 copies, which is available here. leaflet Place in shopping cart
Mala - Mala

0,00 EUR

(0,00 Dollar)
Mala was the brainchild of two young guns from Osnabrück. They surprised with raw power in a rather mixed up context. When we assembled the 3inch CD-Rs, we were aware of the fact that quantities would be - limited because we used old wallpapers for the packaging. Now that these papers are gone, the disc is sold out, but mp3s are still available here!! leaflet
jomin illberg - [][]O[] 3"CD-R

6,00 EUR

(8,92 Dollar)
Licensed from Schlaghosen Records, this small disc of jomin illberg represents the Berlin way of teaming up independent sound with electronics. The disc developed in two phases, and a first edition with several short tracks was extended with the epic "geographische isolation". Different forms of noise collected. leaflet Place in shopping cart
Engineered Beautiful Blood - Live In Fluxus 3"CD-R

6,00 EUR

(8,92 Dollar)
Whoever has heard the full length album of this remarkable two-piece from Singapore "Children Play In Sunny Fields, may have been surprised by the raw energy that usually comes out of the noise corner and here is portated to a kind of rock outfit of guitar and drums plus an unknown and maybe also unlimited number of effects. This line-up is kind of longing for a live performance recording and this is exactly what's on this 3inch - which blew us away - and we hope it can do the same to you. leaflet Place in shopping cart
Engineered Beautiful Blood - Children Play In Sunny Fields CD-R

9,00 EUR

(13,38 Dollar)
Engineered Beautiful Blood connects the raw power of early no wave to the twisted wide open setup of improv, these recordings are all edited live performances, based around prepared noise, instruments or just plain improvisations using the space and sounds of the performance and venue. leaflet Place in shopping cart
Sonytony - For The Downfall Of The Musicbusiness DVD-R

7,00 EUR

(10,40 Dollar)
Sonytony has been caring for the end of music since 2001 and ended his work in 2004 This DVD collects videos and footage from these three years of ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Rumpeln - Sorry! An Unexpected Error Has Occurred CD-R

4,00 EUR

(5,95 Dollar)
The latest CD-R from Munichs "Rumpeln" is a live recording from December 2007 at the Rhiz in Vienna. Anton Kaun still uses videoaudiosamples, ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Murena/Tagar - Tschüss Psycho!/Mary! Harry! 7"Vinyl

6,00 EUR

(8,92 Dollar)
Combattants in Mind, Tagar from munich and Murena from Hamburg released this 7inch limited to 300 copies in 2007 on the lovely little YRUSTSIM label. Trash ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Rumpeln/FM Zombiemaus Split 7"Vinyl

6,00 EUR

(8,92 Dollar)
YRUSMTSIM is a Munich label caring about "artists that do not fit certain stereotypes maintained by a mainstream corporate industry - we are ... leaflet Place in shopping cart

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