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Old Time Radio - Color By Numbers 3"CD-R

6,00 EUR

(8,92 Dollar)
A real tour de force through styles and visions is this 10 minute something trip by Old Time Radio. Recorded as one long track - like we know it from ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Opaque Red Paint - s/t CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
Harsh distorted noise in one long track by This Is Not Red Paint (see BE10) and a guy named J.L. Cummings aka Opaque. We don't get too much info with this ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Ovo/Tremor+Erziehung - Split 7"vinyl

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
Split Vinyl of Ovo from Italy and the German Tremor+Erziehung project, Cold Coffein Addict label split with Italy's Bar La Muerte, almost sold out! leaflet Place in shopping cart
Obsolete - Obsolete Adolescence 12"vinyl

3,00 EUR

(4,46 Dollar)
(old price: 8,00 EUR)
The most detroitish of the available 12inches of the Detroit label "feed the machine" fresh on Retinascan. Edgy electro slammers with a kind ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Orion - Orion CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
Melodic and oppressive spheres by the minorlabel resident. His first CD sounds a bit indecisive, but already points to the mastership of the latter 3inch ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Orion - Weg 3"CD-R

3,33 EUR

(4,95 Dollar)
Acoustic and personal, profound and cryptic soundscapes from another mysterious producer out of Eastern Germany. A small gem of sound, emotions turned ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Omnid - Fragile Balance CD-R

10,00 EUR

(14,86 Dollar)
Albert Casais aka Omnid is one of the frontmen of the lowercase scene. For Retinascan, he developed 5 extended works of treated guitar and Max/Msp manipulations as fourth part in the DVD case series. leaflet Place in shopping cart
Ohm - Raw Ohm CD

9,00 EUR

(13,38 Dollar)
Ohm from Texas seems to be the only non-Italian band in this remarkable package of CDs we received from the Snowdonia label from Messina and also falls ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Omnid - Thermo CD-R

4,00 EUR

(5,95 Dollar)
Five tracks of clicks, pops, fractured soundwaves, environmental recordings, and guitar. Omnids work varies between untreated field recordings and heavily ... leaflet
Omnid - Live@Akosm CD-R

4,00 EUR

(5,95 Dollar)
Following \'Thermo\' in 2003_I we have a live album from Omnid, recorded in July at a skate shop on guitar, electronics and laptop. The two pieces are ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Origami Minimalistika - x12 CD-R

4,00 EUR

(5,95 Dollar)
Origami Minimalistika is a collective of Norwegian artists, including Iversen and Tore Honoré Bøe. Each member can work under the name of the collective, ... leaflet Place in shopping cart

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