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0 + Tin.RP - Stéréophonique CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
A reissue of the sold out first edition, this is already packed in the characteristic botanic picture artwork of the newer Burning Emptiness releases. ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Jan AG vs. Rank Sinatra vs. 777? CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
As far as I can see from the newsletters the Burning Emptiness people release on an irregular basis, they are really big fans of Jan AG, who is shortly ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
8GB - Red October 3"CD-R

6,00 EUR

(8,92 Dollar)
Since the rise of Public Enemy we know that the revolution will not be televised, but that there will be at least sound documents of it. On October 25th, the day of the Zoviet empowerment in Russia, we will now present the first CD-R ever from the 8bit State Security Agency, manifestating the "New World Order" after the obvious downfall of the capitalist financial system. It's Red October again!! leaflet Place in shopping cart

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