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Various Artists - Moreover Mödling CD-R

6,00 EUR

(8,92 Dollar)
An adventurous mindset is about the only thing the bands on this record have in common. They draw their influences and ideas from a diverse array of areas ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
MooN - A Second Blue CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
MooN always has been the more "musical" project that is home on Burning Emptiness. On their flyer, their music has been described as "noisy krautrock". ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Margrave Ruediger vs. Trombone - Two Broken Teeth and A Cracked Rib CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
Neither Margrave Ruediger nor Trombone is a real name, in fact both are French artists with first names Romain and Arnaud (while Ruediger is a real German ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Madame P - Pneuma CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
Madame P is Patrizia Oliva from Italy. She mainly uses her voice and effects to create her music, creating tracks that fill a space between song and noise experiment, leaflet Place in shopping cart
Trigger Ensemble - MI (live)/error_05/auto_face CD-R

10,00 EUR

(14,86 Dollar)
rigger - is a ensemble for actual music and plays programs that go far beyond the borders of contemporary music. The excellent musicians are usually parts ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Bantu Mantra and Jesus Jackson - Kopfwehtapeten CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
In what might be called an interdisciplinary experiment, producer and multi-instrumentalist Bantu Mantra (formerly known as Lustige Mtzen) invited ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Gerald Fiebig/Pille Weibel - Dissecting-table CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
The two half-hour live cuts on this album document two of the many sides of Swiss experimental musician Pille Weibel: free improvisation and noise music. ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Siemers - Inter Pares Inter Pares 3xCD-R

16,00 EUR

(23,78 Dollar)
Finally available: the triple CD remix collection of Siemers plunderphonics pieces with 20 page booklet. A gem you can't afford miss leaflet Place in shopping cart
Kozo Ikeno - Render Perfect Sound CD-R

9,00 EUR

(13,38 Dollar)
Our first artist from Japan already presented material of very diverse style on very diverse labels. After his stunning stasisfield release "Overlooks" he turned to Retinascan for a next step and presents 40 relatively short sketches, recorded on the beach with a simple mic and the trumpet, communicating his very own trumpet sound with the background noises of people, birds and water. Brilliant! leaflet Place in shopping cart
Mudboy - live@the safari CD-R

7,00 EUR

(10,40 Dollar)
Mudboy from Providence is a gifted organist and developper of the TOMY compositional robot. Both influences find place on these recordings from 2004, made in the Safari Lounge in his hometown. Celebrate the freeform return of the Deep Purple memorial organ play without Deep Purple! leaflet Place in shopping cart
Zwichnieci Dandysi - 23_24 CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
Four guys want to have it all and win. After the first track "rigor mortis", which sounds like keeping the promise that Mick Harris\' Scorn ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Rotten Milk vs. Bubblegum Shitface CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
74 minutes of difficult listening, ranging from ear-piercing noise to debile singalong tunes, manipulated by mixing desk, all presented by a US-Canadian ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Ciszak + kitty_kat + Kalinka - Vaporous equivalent CD-R

5,00 EUR

(7,43 Dollar)
Flowing slowly, without ever touching the realms of extreme noise, this is a cold session of instrument playing as we may think of when talking about ... leaflet Place in shopping cart

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