The various statuses that are possible for products

available available This images means the item is in stock and can be sent out immediately.
free free this article is free and doesn't have to be ordered.
reordered reordered If an item is marked like this, it means the item is not in stock but already has been ordered from the label. It depends on their reliability, when we will be able to send out your order.
on request on request This status image means that we don't hold these items in stock but are able to order it from affiliated labels or that it can burnt/assembled/produced on demand, which usually means one or two weeks of waiting time before the item is available.
out of stock out of stock This item isn't available anymore, but is still present in the database for archiving purposes, e.g. available downloads
out soon out soon This item has already been stored in the database and is available for preorder. Await up to four weeks before being available unless something else is mentioned in the info