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Store - Matrix

0,00 EUR

Third full-length release by Store on Retinascan - not really his own work but a collection of remixes, deleted as CD-R, now available for download! leaflet
Various Artists - Directions In American Noise 4CD-R box

16,00 EUR

A. Winter CarouselLetter to the Entomological Society of Antarctica1. Maggotscratch -mp32. The Whole 6 PM -mp3-3. Betty Butter4. Dumb (Fourth Take Mix) ... leaflet Place in shopping cart
Siemers - Inter Pares Inter Pares 3xCD-R

16,00 EUR

Finally available: the triple CD remix collection of Siemers plunderphonics pieces with 20 page booklet. A gem you can't afford miss leaflet Place in shopping cart
Machinist - The Sandbox 3"CD-R

6,00 EUR

Machinist delivered two tracks originally composed for a theatre play. carl kruger and store took he elements and carefully destroyed them to form remixes out of them. leaflet Place in shopping cart
Burkhard Kerlin / Brian Klein/ Carl Kruger - Sodaplay CD-R

10,00 EUR

After three years in the making, the three Retinascan residents from both sides of the Atlantic finally have finished their album with recordings based on the java script kybernetic modeling software "Sodaplay" by Ed Burton. Slow rythmic drones in two fold remixing treatments. leaflet Place in shopping cart
1 - 5 | 5 Hits